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About Us

Our Role

Our RoleOur Role

Why Choose Skyward!

We are the sole middleman. Skyward pairs with CRP to ensure that money goes and stays exactly where you want it. There is no wall street here (except in downtown Nampa where there really is an alley called Wall St). Investors stay connected with their money. They see it working in local neighborhoods. And they see real returns. We are passionate about what we do. Devoted to quality, community, and the pursuit of different.

A forthright approach is the only way we know. Honesty is the best practice. We know this sounds cliché, but in practice it really is hard. But it’s worth it.
Those looking to quickly turnover homes raise them to bare-minimum-livability and then resell. It’s like saying minimum wage generates a livable income–it really isn’t enough. We want more. And we understand that you want more too, from your home and your investments.
A mindset that leads to action, true innovation creeps into every corner of what we do. Whether it’s creating unique products for today’s investor or choosing the best technology (Nest, anyone?) for our homes.
Today’s world can leave you feeling unconnected, ungrounded. Take a step back from all that feels foreign and step into the world as Skyward sees it. A place where your home is an alternative to all the other options–a beacon in the seas of ordinary. We are real, tangible, and in your neighborhoods. Call us….we’ll show you.

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Our Team

Skyward is comprised of six individuals: Rod & Ann, Joella & Ben, Jordan and Jace.

When Rod approached his family with this venture, they all pitched their ideas and dreams. Like any good idea and family business, there were fights and struggles before there was a brand and a company.

The name Skyward is a combination of family names and evokes a vision for the future. We are a group of people with an affinity for things done well. Our approach keeps us tirelessly refining and dreaming.

Rod Skyles

Founder and Executive of the Board

Ann Skyles

Co-Founder and Designer

Jordan Skyles


Jace Skyles


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